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MY JOURNAL! mine! mine! mine!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

9:57PM - wow

well i think ive totally neglected good ole' livejournal ever since i got my myspace! its really quite sad but what can ya do? soooooo yes not much is really going on.. umm lets see.. high school sucks...guys suck lol

yea me and my "lateset" boyfriend broke up but i gusse it was for the best becuase my parnets didnt like him cuz he was older then me (hes a senior) so yea and he was brandons friend so it was akward haha

anywho im so bored and we dont go back to school untill the 4th and i think were having a new years party so its gonna be cool

so yea im bored and im going to go on my myspace so byebyebye!


*the greatest*

Current mood: blah

Thursday, November 10, 2005

8:43PM - omg

well i thought id update for everyone who was getting sick of andrea...lol jk i love you ans!! so yea high school sucks,boys suck, my grades suck

well me and my boyriend just broke up...hes an asshole just in case yall didnt know....

high school is soooooooooooooooooo hard omg!! i wanna die!

i think im failing like 2 classed on of which is spanish which makes no since on how im faiing seeing as how i understand it all?@

yea im in a bad mood so off i go!

Current mood: bitchy

Tuesday, October 4, 2005


omg u guys im so confused! lol anyway life is being crazy rite now

im passing all me classes except algebra( no surprise ther)

i think i have a boyfriend...long story lol

crazy high school life!!!

<33 stef

Current mood: annoyed

Saturday, September 24, 2005


ive been neglecting LJ for two reasons..... work and my myspace! haha ive been working everyday on tha weekdns but the pay is good so watever well im tired cuz i just got back frm work so bye!

Current mood: exhausted

Monday, September 19, 2005


im soooooo frekin tired!! hey, gusse what i did all weekend?!?!

Friday- worked! 4:45-9:30

Saturday- worked! 9:45-9:00

Sunday- worked! 11:15-4:00

Yupperz that was my weekend! how fun and exciting....im sooooo tired and im sore from dance class and frm work and i want to go to sleep rite now!! lol well at least i like where i work or else this weekend would of sucked even more badly

its like half way through the first semester and im already flunking algebra!!
i hate math and i suck at it! oh well im bored and hungry and tired so i shall be off!!! oh and btw i got a myspace!! www.myspace.com/stephany_vega

ashley~~ i didnt say u were bugging me to get one i wasnt even talkin about and of the v.a people i was talking about my friends frm school oh and brandon already does have a myspace since u wanted HIM to get one...


Current mood: aggravated

Sunday, September 18, 2005



1. 8:45 am is too early for us to be up.

2. We are always late, we would have missed all 4 flights.

3. Pretty people on the plane distract us.

4. We would talk loudly and bring attention to ourselves.

5. With food and drinks on the plane, we would forget why we're there.

6. We talk with our hands, therefore we would have to put our weapons down.

7. We would ALL want to fly the plane.

8. We would argue and start a fight in the plane.

9. We can't keep a secret, we would have told everyone a week before doing


10. We would all start arguing and forget why we're even bombing it in the first place.

haha that was funny

Current mood: accomplished

Monday, September 12, 2005


so how is everyone doing....... im good ive been working alot and its pretty hectic.. i finally got a date to homecoming haha so fun

im soooo tired and bored and i have 3 tests tommorow, one in english,math, and dance

how fun
well im bored so bye!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2005


1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

Sunday, August 28, 2005

12:04PM - AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

im soooo freakin tired! i worked an 11 hour shift yesterday beuase i had to come in early to help cover someone else's shift so im really tired and i still have to work later today at 4:00, and then i work next friday and sunday! its so exuasting! But its still fun and im getting paid so i reslly dont care how much i work, well i have to clean my room and atempt to do some of my homework before i go to work! bye bye

Current mood: drained

Saturday, August 20, 2005


hey i just got bakc form work and im freakin exusted!!! it was really fun though i dont really want to tlak about everything that happen cuz 4 one i doubt yall will even care and im tired and hungry! so i went in at 9:10 and clocked out at 3:45 loooong day and i have to work next saturday at 3:15 - 10:00 so i have to stay there at night haha how fun is that gonna be! and i met a bunch of great people and they are all like seniors or in college and the youngest one other then me is this one guy named Dane and he's a junior and me and him talke alot and hes cool but one of the managers matt(19) pretened to fire me and i thought he was foreal and then he started lughing! hes so mean to me they sayd the were going to do that to all the new people but they only did it to me cuz hes weird like that

so now im hungry and im so going to eat bye bye

Current mood: cheerful

Thursday, August 18, 2005

8:08PM - Update on my life :)

Oh my gosh high school is like flipping crazy!!!!! Its fun but sooo exuasting! ok so the fist day of school was monday and i havent been on the computer at all cuz i have no friking time at all!! so this is my schedule..

1- Journalism (SO BORING)
2- Spanish(just took a test today and i got like 105)
3- Algebra(i actually like this class!i have an awesome teacher)
4- Biology(only like this class for one reason and I'll talk about that later!
5- Dance( HATE THIS CLASS!!)
6- English (ok i gusse)
7- Geography( BORING!)
So thats my schedule!

on monday i went to this place called Pump It Up and its like a place where there are big inflatable obstacle courses and stuff for kids to have parties and its just really cool so on monday i went for an interview and i got the job!! i dont even know how ,im only 14 but its so cool and today i went for training and i start on Saturday and its going to be so freaing awesome and i get 6 dollars an hour plus tip from parents if they like me!! How awesome is that?!?!?! so yea im tired from training everyone there is like over 16! but its still pretty cool.

So in biology i met this guy named *<3* Paul Morrison *<3* hes 15 and hes so freaking awsome!! hes a sophmore but he had to retake freshman bio cuz he failed or something well, he only failed Bio-B but hes in Bio-A for somereason but he says he wants to stay in the class becuase he says hes starting to like it! haha hes really cool and ive been talking to him alot hes really cool and cute lol! so we'll see what happens!!

well i got to go becuase i have a ton to do

Much love!!!!!!


Current mood: cheerful

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


hola mi amigos!!

im sooo bored and i got up like an hour ago so im tired

im going to have a sweet 16 not a quincenera cuz its to late to plan for a quincenera

the tricky part is im going to have it in Hondo!! how fun

im having it ther cuz we have more family there then in Dallas so yea hopefully ans and ash and tha Farleys can come its not untill next year so yea

i dont think anyone else would come becuz yall dont know what Hondo even is lol
it would have been really cool to have all my VA buddys come but i dont see that happening.. im so tired and my computers being stupid

Current mood: bored

Friday, August 5, 2005

1:40PM - Higga bigga boo Hoosha!

Fish camp was sooo fun! Well after it was over it was fun lol

i got there with brandon and i had no idea where to go and then i figured out that all the freshman were supposed to be in the auditorium so i went there and brandon went to go pick his schedule up, i saw a bunch of people i knew but even more i didnt know

we were divided into groups and i was in group 6 and i knew some people in it but i didnt talk to them that much so i stayed kinda in the back and then they gave us a tour of the school and then we took our i.d pics and then we had to go into a bunch of class rooms and the principles talked to us and stuff it was soooo boring and after my pic was taken i was waitin in a hallway and i called brandon to see where he was and he was already home! i was like what?! and he sayd he got his stuff in like 10 mins and i was there for like 3 hrs cuz all the people talking to us and stuff and then there was this really obnoxius kid in my group who was acting like a little kid it was so embarrasing and he was yelling and i told him to shut up and evry one started luaghing cuz i didnt even know who he was but i was talking to brandon on the fone and i coulnt hear cuz that dumb kid. So anyway after fish camp was over they said we could walk around and find our classes and lockers and stuff so then me and my friend Amanda were walking around and we found her brother and his best friend who are both seniors and they were friends with brandon so it was funny and my friends brother was telling me about all the stuff him and brandon woiuld do in class like how they always got in trouble and he was telling me a story about when brandon went up behinde him and pretended to snap mikes neck and mike( my friends brother who was telling me the story) fell on the floor and was twitching and stuff and the teacher got all scared and was running around with he hands over her mouth saying "o my gosh oh my gosh!!!" and she left to get the principle and when the principle came in brandon and mike were sittin at their desks playing cards and the principle just left it was funny . and then we were just walking around the school for a while it was fun i cant wait untill school starts!!!!!!! 10 more days!

Current mood: lazy

Thursday, August 4, 2005

1:08PM - AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness i feel like crap!!!! My head hurts ,my stomach hurts ,my throat hurts, i feel like throwing up, and i have chills but i didnt tell mom becuase Daniel's stomach hurts and its cuz he has air or needs to go to the bathroom but of course( im not trying to be mean) he makes a big show about it. So i dont want mom to be worring about me when daniel is in pain so yea i feel like crap and I have to go to the high school tommorow with brandon so we can get our schedules and stuff so i hope i dont feel like this tommorow!

Current mood: sick

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

4:53PM - Hola Lola

I got your letter yesterday ash! thank ya vry much

i got my bus pass pic taken today and so did brandon and daniel, i came out ok i gusse and brandon looks mad in his pic haha .I go to fish camp on friday how exciting i went to walmart today and i had just gotten a bunch of cookies and when i was walking back to where mom was this guy was walking toward me he looked like early to mid 20s and i passed by him and i looked up and he was just staring at me i was like what tha heck? and i thought he would turn away and this idiot was just staring i got so freaked out and when i passed him he turned around which is really gross if you think about it! Sick Perv!!!!! so anyhoo i saw my friend Brenda today at the mall and she had just gone to fish camp today and she sayd it was boring shes going to cancun tommorow that should me fun! well 2 more days untill i get my ipod shuffle and 11 more days untill school starts


Current mood: sore

Saturday, July 30, 2005

7:20PM - yummy yummy yummy

I am sooooooooooooooo tired

and very full i just ate so much i dont think i can move

and i just ate this chocolate cookie dough blizzard frm DQ and it was soo nasty so i put it in the frezzer

And now im eating Salsa Verde Doritos yum yum

i just figured out that i have nohting to write and updating is pointless so im going to go becuase i have nothing to say

15 more days

" One time i saw this Wino eating grapes and i said dude, you have to wait!"

Haha thats really funny if you think about it

Current mood: anxious

Friday, July 29, 2005



It is soo cold in my room so im wraped in my blanket! YAY! Brandon and Daniel are watching some BORING DUMB cartoon!! So im forced to come to my room and watch t.v

Poor Ans, someone ate your food! How sad! You should hide your food somewhere or buy a mini fridge and keep it in your room haha that would be sooo cool

16 more days to school... i was excited at first but now.. not so much!! 6 days untill Fish camp

Brandon hasnt written on LJ becuase it locked him out cuz he didnt log on for so long just in case yall were wondering

food time! buh bye

Current mood: hungry

Thursday, July 28, 2005

6:42PM - Good morning starshine! The Earth says "Hello!"

Oh my goodness im am soooo bored! So it seems Family Day was uneventfull or so i heard! 17 more days untill school starts! Charlie and the chocolate factory was soo funny one of my favorite qoutes was by Johnny Depp " Everything in this room it eatable even im eatable but that my dear children is called cannabilism and is frowned upon in most societies!" Haha

No one seems to update that much like we used to but if they do its mostly dumb quizzes that no one bothers to read.. :)

My mom woke me up and 9:00 this morning i was soo sleepy she woke me up 4 hours earlier then ive been waking up this summer

<3 me

Current mood: blah

Friday, July 22, 2005

2:16PM - Sad news :(

Daniels little hamster Dante died today. we only had him for 6 days and the poor thing died! i was the one to find him it ws so gross but it was sad becuase he was so cute!! and my dog really liked him ,or wanted to eat him, im not sure but when my dog went to dantes cage to look at him like he does everyday he saw that he was missing ( we put him in a box) and he started crying(the dog not the hamster) Daniels not sad though, he says now he wasnts a dog now since dante died!

btw- i think one of my fish is pregnate! what am i going to do with a dozen baby fish?


Sunday, July 17, 2005

9:39PM - La Di Da

I have rasict fish.

yup the fishies my parents got for me are rascist!! Two of my fish are white and the other two are black and they stay away from each other , the white fish stick togethr and the black fish do the same! My fish are so dumb lol!

anyways, what has every one been doing lately? Everyones busy! Im not busy im just here getting syched about school starting, which is btw in 28 days

ok well im bored and i want to go back to my exciting life of eating popcorn and watching T.V!!

<3 Stef

Current mood: yum popcorn!

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